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August 2013 A sensitive installation in Cardiff Bay

August 2013 A sensitive installation in Cardiff Bay

WNS are currently undertaking the refurbishment of 2 floors within an office building in Cardiff Bay.

Due to the sensitivity of the offices and the security 90% of the work was carried out outside of normal working hours.

9 x 47U cabinets were delivered as flat pack units, taken up the side of the building via a builders hoist and assembled on site.

The existing 1,000 Cat 5 cables were removed throughout the 2nd and 5th raised floors, great care was taken to trace out and leave 300 existing cables in place as these served the existing offices that were not part of the project. 

The removal of the cables was completed during night shifts.

The offices were shutdown on Friday evening and the 300 remaining Cat5 cables were disconnected and re-routed to a new cabinet location, re-terminated and tested. An existing 16 core fibre was re-routed to the new cabinet and a new 8 core fibre plus a 200-pair multicore were installed on diverse routes from the ground floor server rooms.

This section of the project was seamlessly completed on the Sunday evening and WNS were congratulated by the consultants, builder and the I.T. department for a job well done.

8 No existing 16 core fibres and 200-pair multicores were re-routed to the new cabinet locations, 50% of these were too short and were joined at box cons and fusion spliced at boxes located in riser cupboards.

The re-routing of the fibres and multicores was completed during night shifts. A further 3 x 8 core fibres were installed between floors during night shifts.

430 Brand Rex Cat6 cables were installed to the 2nd floor during night shifts and another 914 Brand Rex Cat6 cables will be installed next week to the 5th floor during night shifts.

The only hiccup that was encountered at the project was when the pallet that was supposed to contain the fibre cable was opened and a toilet suite was discovered !

The supplier that was responsible for the error has a poo loo gised for the mistake ! Smile